Marlin Medical announces the most advanced
Oral Suction Device Holder on the market today.


The Oral Suction Device Holder was developed to improve patient care. As an anesthesiologist, I saw an alarming number of postoperative wound infections and pneumonias. Medical journal articles state most of these infections were caused by MRSA and pseudomonas. After learning that MRSA and pseudomonas are colonized in the oral cavity, I felt patient exposure to these bacteria could be improved by developing a holder for the Yankauer suction.

I am confident that the oral suction device holder will have a major impact on our fight against hospital infections by improving patient survival and lowering hospital costs by reducing postoperative infections.

Dr. Timothy Hutchison



• CDC reports that 2 million patients a year acquire a hospital-
acquired infection, and 88,000 of those patients die*.

• Postoperative infections cost hospitals, insurance companies
and Medicare $5 billion a year*

• OSHA, CDC, health insurance companies and hospitals are
under tremendous pressure to reduce hospital-acquired infections.

• It is well documented that MRSA and pseudomonas are
responsible for most postoperative pulmonary and wound
infections in the hospital. MRSA and pseudomonas are both
colonized in the oral cavity (saliva)1 Therefore, we believe
there is a strong correlation between postoperative hospital
infections and environmental contamination by the oral suction
device. We believe the oral suction device holder will
greatly reduce this pathway of contamination and thus improve
the hospital’s infection rate.

* CDC Communication March 6, 2000